Cardano (ADA) Shelley upgrade

IOHK, the company behind Cardano (ADA), said in an announcement that they ran the last successful rounds of testing this weekend, giving the green light to the Shelley hard fork. The fork will take place on July 29 and the current Byron mainnet will be replaced by the Shelley network.

Hoskinson tweeted: “The stress test is ready, all systems are ready, the update is ready, the missiles can take to the air. The hard fork is scheduled for July 29, logs will follow tomorrow. ”

The latest version of the node was recently approved on the Shelley mainnet, other developments have also been rolled out, including the latest hard fork versions of Cardano GraphQL, Cardano REST and Cardano DB-Sync. The new Daedalus wallet has also been released, it appeared on July 27. However, the wallet is not quite complete yet only 99% of what it should be after the hard fork takes place. Of course it remains a test wallet that could still contain teething problems.

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Users will have access to improved functionalities, this was announced in an earlier press release. There will also be the option to restore your Byron wallet. Participants of the ITN can view their balance sheets and receive ADA. IOHK also indicated that they will be working with more than 40 different exchanges, which was essential during the rollout of the Shelley blockchain.

Shelley is an important part of the development of Cardano and the network. The developments aim for a flexible service with a low risk of interruptions. Shelley is an important part of promoting the decentralization that Cardano represents. During the development of the Shelley era, more and more nodes will run on Cardano and be driven by the community

As soon as there are more participants on the Cardano network, it becomes more secure and more decentralized. The roadmap also introduces features such as incentive schemes and a new reward system for stake pools and community adoption. Users can thus discontinue ADA from now on. IOHK predicts that ADA will now be 50 to 100 times more decentralized than other major blockchains and networks.