How to buy Cardano (ADA)

Different ways to buy Cardano

There are different ways to buy Cardano, so this is not a complete list. The most interesting question is usually how to turn fiat money like US Dollar or Euro into ada. You can also convert Bitcoin (BTC) into ADA on most exchanges.



One of the biggest exchanges with high liquidity. Since recently, you can even buy cryptocurrencies there with a credit card, but fees may not be cheap. Binance uses simplex.com as a partner for credit card deposits. 

Binance works great if you already have BTC to trade for ADA.



Kraken is a great place to purchage ADA especially for the European area. You can deposit fiat money via a free SEPA bank transfer. They have ADA/USD and ADA/EUR pairs which means that you can directly buy Cardano without going through Bitcoin.  Kraken is especially interesting for Germans with a Fidor bank account because Kraken also has a bank account with Fidor. Transfers from Fidor to Kraken often take less than an hour.

Complete list of Cardano exchanges

You can currently buy and sell ADA (Cardano) at more than 100 exchanges. See Coinmarketcap.com for a complete list of exchanges and trading pairs. We also recommend this status page from IOHK with all exchanges that support the Shelley update.

In order to receive awards in ADA, you need to stake your ADA. Learn more about staking and how you can earn ADA.

Please remember that none of what we write here is financial advice or should be taken as such.

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